SeveralĀ years ago, (prior to 2008) I went shopping along Denver’s Antique Row and bought several little silver spoons for $10 each. I was stunned a few years later to find out that many of those spoons had greatly appreciated, following the recession. Among my find was a Whiting Louis XV (a favorite pattern), a rare Louis XIV by Gorham, and one mystery spoon by Gorham. For years, I searched books and websites trying to find the name of the pretty pattern with climbing roses.

This morning, on a whim, I decided to search using the patent date of 1910. Eureka! The pattern is Montclair and it seems to be a rarity, selling for $45 and up on eBay. Score! šŸ™‚




Blue and White

Just a few pictures from the archives for The Pink Pagoda’s Blue & White Bash


Chinoiserie Kitty



macaroons paella2 living room entrance napkins notecard centerpiece picnic

Going Plastic-Free

plasticAfter months of procrastinating, I finally decided to get serious about omitting many of the plastic items we regularly use in our kitchen. Though most of them areĀ BPA-free, I still think we are only just beginning to understand the negative effects of plastic on our health.

Most daunting to me was replacing our plastic storage containers, which get almost daily use. I was happy to find two sets of Pyrex glass containers that just about replaced everything. Though the lids still contain plastic, they are less in contact with the food.



Next, we replaced our plastic and plastic-lined coffee mugs with ceramic and stainless steel. We also bought a small stainless steel box for Sam’s lunches.



Though I really like this Nara Bento box from Bento & Co.

bento box


Finally, I’m going to have to stop purchasing my super-cheap 6-pack of sparkling water and opt instead for something that comes in glass bottles. Whole Foods had San Pellegrino on sale today for 3/$5.

waterIt’s a slow process, but we definitely made some headway this weekend! Next – replacing plastic cooking utensils with wooden, bamboo, & metal.


Wanted: Blue Hydrangeas

We spent the early afternoon walking through the lovely Denver Botanic Gardens. I snapped a few photos of pansies that have the most extraordinary color. I especially love anything with even a hint of blue.



I was so inspired, that I spent several hours looking for blue potted hydrangeas at various stores. To no avail, I purchased these pink ones.


They’re pretty, but I really want blue. So…I’ll use my grandmothers’ technique of putting coffee grounds in the soil and see if I can change them over.


Easy fix for a gaping waistband

I purchased a pair of cute little capris from JCPenney not long ago, but I didn’t like how the waistband gaped in the back. One option was to take them to my tailor to have them taken in, but I thought I’d experiment first.

I unstitched small sections of the waistband to allow for a ribbon to slide through. Then, attaching the end of the ribbon to a large safety pin, I threaded it through the waistband.


The result: pants that fit throughout and don’t gape at the waist. (At no extra cost – yay!)



Spring has finally sprung in Denver! We took a morning walk along Cherry Creek…gorgeous cobalt blue skies and just a thin filigree of spring green leaves on the trees.


Here’s to long Saturday afternoons of sitting on the balcony, reading, sipping iced tea, and enjoying our low humidity!

Mod Podge & Posters

When we visited the Pompeii exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science last fall, we purchased a poster that replicated one of the many gorgeous frescoes found among Pompeii’s ruins.Ā I thought for months about how to go about framing it, wanting something that honored the fact that the original had been excavated and wasn’t in perfect form.

Yesterday, inspiration struck. We carefully tore the edges of the poster and divided it into six squares. We then Mod Podged it onto inexpensive canvases from Michael’s. I just love the result!