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Going Plastic-Free

plasticAfter months of procrastinating, I finally decided to get serious about omitting many of the plastic items we regularly use in our kitchen. Though most of them are BPA-free, I still think we are only just beginning to understand the negative effects of plastic on our health.

Most daunting to me was replacing our plastic storage containers, which get almost daily use. I was happy to find two sets of Pyrex glass containers that just about replaced everything. Though the lids still contain plastic, they are less in contact with the food.



Next, we replaced our plastic and plastic-lined coffee mugs with ceramic and stainless steel. We also bought a small stainless steel box for Sam’s lunches.



Though I really like this Nara Bento box from Bento & Co.

bento box


Finally, I’m going to have to stop purchasing my super-cheap 6-pack of sparkling water and opt instead for something that comes in glass bottles. Whole Foods had San Pellegrino on sale today for 3/$5.

waterIt’s a slow process, but we definitely made some headway this weekend! Next – replacing plastic cooking utensils with wooden, bamboo, & metal.