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Summer Bangle

I had my eye on this cute KEP Designs bangle for so long, that it sold out.

KEP bracelet



So I decided to create my own. I already had this horn bracelet from a trip to Vietnam several years ago and these tiny sand dollars that were souvenirs from St. Simons Island on one of my trips home.



Purchased a $5 bottle of gold nail polish and a little super glue…



…and voila!



Easy fix for a gaping waistband

I purchased a pair of cute little capris from JCPenney not long ago, but I didn’t like how the waistband gaped in the back. One option was to take them to my tailor to have them taken in, but I thought I’d experiment first.

I unstitched small sections of the waistband to allow for a ribbon to slide through. Then, attaching the end of the ribbon to a large safety pin, I threaded it through the waistband.


The result: pants that fit throughout and don’t gape at the waist. (At no extra cost – yay!)


Changing of the (Sartorial) Guard

Every March, we get a few spring-like days that get me motivated to rotate my closet. I usually do this four times per year, as Colorado’s transitional seasons can mean summer dresses one day and snow boots the next.

Since I’m feeling a little under the weather this weekend and can’t get out to enjoy the sunshine, I used this spring-like day to store clothes that have too much of a fall/winter feel to them. I kept cold-weather clothes in lighter colors that I’ll still need for the next few months.

Good-bye to pumpkin, burgundy, grey, & black. Good-bye to suede, tweed, & turtlenecks…


Hello brights & pastels!


Good-bye brown fall boots…


…hello sun hats and nautical belts!


Can’t wait for spring. I say this as the current temperature is 60 degrees and snow is being forecasted for tonight. Gotta love Colorado.

Linen in Winter

If there were such as thing as fashion confession, I’d be due a visit. I’ve known since I was a child that proper ladies didn’t wear linen after Labor Day (or possibly after the first day of fall in very warm climates), but that was before I fell in love with this fabric.

It started with my husband’s Irish linen shirts from Brooks Brothers that I got him last year for his birthday. They looked so cool and crisp when he wore them. Feeling envious, I bought one for myself from the clearance rack in September. It has grown softer with every washing and actually keeps me warm in chilly weather without the heaviness of a sweater.



Then, during our move, we splurged on Restoration Hardware’s stonewashed Belgian linen sheets, duvet cover, and shams – our first such purchase since our wedding ten years ago. I had all intentions of changing them out once the weather got cooler, but again…with every washing they get softer and feel even better on chilly nights. Plus I love their relaxed, cozy look.



So…perhaps I’ll just have to live with my faux pas with the small reassurance that, once you know the rules, you can break a few 😉

Things I’m Loving this Week

Just a random post of things I have enjoyed this week…

This picture of Marty. Her eyes remind me of the cat in Shrek.


Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday in Denver’s Cherry Creek North.


Talbots’ clearance rack where I scored this great little suit for $60!


And finally, frying some green tomatoes to snack on during Georgia vs. Mizzou. Go Dawgs!!!

fried green tomatoes

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Modern Scottish Fashion

Being a frequent United traveler, I look forward to reading each issue of Hemispheres, the inflight travel magazine. It has decent articles on food, wine, and travel news, while the legendary Three Perfect Days series has influenced many a vacation for me & my husband.

I don’t usually think of Hemispheres, however, as a fashion magazine. This month the editors pleasantly surprised me by publishing a full article on modern Scottish fashion. (“Aye!” the Ross in me cheers.)


Beautiful combinations of tweeds, stunning leather boots, smart caps…it was so good that I brought home a copy for inspiration. If Denver would just get out of this blasted heat wave, I would don me tartan!


Lost wedding ring

If anyone finds a men’s Celtic wedding ring at the Common Ground driving range, please Tweet me @COSoutherner 😦