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Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for simplicity. After a year of traveling and moving, I am so grateful that we decided to make this holiday all about relaxing. I’m only making a few favorite dishes with the rest being cooked by our local Whole Foods. The table is even set simplistically.


This year, we have no plans to go anywhere nor to have any visitors. Thursday is strictly a day of good food, good wine, and (hopefully) some decent football. I am all the more grateful for my home and my tiny family since I haven’t seen much of either this fall.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Gravy Boats

I spent a rocking Saturday evening researching gravy boats this weekend. (Do I know how to live it up or what?) I already had this silver plate boat from Mama Chris, but the plate was starting to wear and I worried that the exposed copper would be unhealthy.


I have this tiny sterling one, but it gets emptied very quickly at the table.


I also have this teapot from Mama Chris in Hall’s Autumn Leaf pattern that could be used as a gravy boat, but it still strikes me as very 1960s. Maybe I’ll grow into it.


So last night, I narrowed my choices down to Haviland’s Blue Garland (which matches one of my china sets)…


…this vintage pewter boat from Etsy…


…this silver-plated boat in Georgian from Reed & Barton…


…this lovely boat in Noritake’s Allure pattern (Etsy)…


…and this white gravy boat with teal flowers from Johnson Bros. (Etsy).


The one I really wanted was Spode’s Woodland gravy boat with the turkey, but at $113, it was far more than I really wanted to spend.


I loved the brown transferware, however, and thought about how nice it would look on a Thanksgiving table. Which got me to thinking…didn’t I already have a small brown transferware soup tureen than could stand in as a gravy boat?


Voila! No shopping necessary 🙂

Ready for Christmas Eve!

We spent the day cleaning and running last minute errands. After hours of scrubbing, dusting, and polishing, however, came my favorite part of getting ready for entertaining where I arranged flowers, set the table, made the centerpiece, etc.

Sticking with my blue and white theme from Thanksgiving, the centerpiece is a silver platter with blue tulle, white roses & juniper in blue bud vases or silver shot glasses, blue/white/silver ornaments, and my three sterling silver snowflakes.


We moved my newly painted desk into the main room to serve as a cocktail table.


I am so thankful this year for good health, a wonderful husband, my career, friends & family, and my home!


This is probably my last post before Christmas. Wishing everyone a joyous holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m spending the day doing prep work for Thanksgiving: cleaning the apartment, washing linens, arranging fresh flowers. After weeks of spray-painting pumpkins, buying & engraving napkin rings, and shopping for candles, chargers, & linens, the table is finally ready. As I’m setting all of this up, kitty and I have the window open to enjoy this unseasonably warm day.


I am so very thankful for my health, husband, family, friends, career, kitty, and the life that we live here in Denver. I had no idea how amazing this journey would be when I set out in the summer of 1998 to seek my dreams. I love that this holiday reminds us to stop for a second and be thankful for this moment in our lives. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

– Guillaume Apollinaire

Wishing all of you a very lovely holiday!

Favorite Tea Cup


Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur

I’m enjoying my Lady Grey tea this morning out of my Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur china set that an aunt passed down to me many years ago. It’s great “everyday” china that always looks nice, but isn’t so nice that you have a heart attack if it chips.

My favorite teacup, however, was one of my grandmother’s. She had an entire collection of various teacups, many of them with purple flowers to celebrate her February birthday (as is mine). One of them in particular has enchanted me ever since I can remember . It had leaves in that perfect lavender color that almost every little girl loves at some point in her life and a spraying of blue, yellow, & pink flowers. If I was very careful, I was allowed to hold it for a few seconds.

When my grandmother passed away, many of those teacups came to me. I spent hours on the Internet identifying their patterns and finally learned that the little purple teacup was Colclough’s CLC 58. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to find three more sets. They now sit on my own china shelf in the living room and on occasion, if I’m very careful, I allow myself an indulgent cup of tea or coffee out of one of them.


Colclough CLC58