World’s Most Expensive D&D Game

While my husband was really into D&D for a time, (that’s Dungeons and Dragons to us non-gamers) it never really appealed to me. I had to laugh out loud, however, when this Hermes leather paperweight, which can also serve as a d20 (that’s a 20-sided die), popped up on my Pinterest account.


(Photo: theselby/Instgram downloaded from NYMag)

It made me wonder if perhaps a game of D&D might appeal to me if a few adjustments were made to my “bag of holding” to go along with the Hermes die. For example, my bag could be Longchamp and might contain something like:

  • Christian Louboutins +2 that are magically comfortable for running
  • Chanel No. 5 that can also be used as a “hold monster” potion
  • One Hermes scarf that doubles as an invisibility cloak

Unfortunately, I don’t have $6000 to invest in the d20. That’s OK –  it just leaves more for my “bag of holding” items.


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