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Happy Easter!

ImageHope you are enjoying a pleasant Sunday! This seemed like a good day to post my favorite deviled egg recipe, a modified version of Southern Living’s Triple Pickle. I especially love serving these on a classic Fire King milk glass deviled egg platter.

Boil a dozen (plus a couple extra) eggs for ten minutes. Put into cold water and peel immediately. Cut the eggs in half and remove the yolks, putting them into a bowl. To the bowl, add:

  • 2-3 heaping spoonfuls mayonnaise
  • 2 T Dijon mustard (I prefer Maille Old Style Whole Grain)
  • Salt & pepper
  • finely chopped cornichons
  • capers
  • dash of cayenne pepper

Mix together in a bowl, adjusting the mustard & mayonnaise until the consistency is creamy and to taste. With a spoon, dallop the mixture onto the egg whites. Top with a dash of paprika and garnish with a slice of pickled okra. Enjoy!



Several years ago, (prior to 2008) I went shopping along Denver’s Antique Row and bought several little silver spoons for $10 each. I was stunned a few years later to find out that many of those spoons had greatly appreciated, following the recession. Among my find was a Whiting Louis XV (a favorite pattern), a rare Louis XIV by Gorham, and one mystery spoon by Gorham. For years, I searched books and websites trying to find the name of the pretty pattern with climbing roses.

This morning, on a whim, I decided to search using the patent date of 1910. Eureka! The pattern is Montclair and it seems to be a rarity, selling for $45 and up on eBay. Score! 🙂