Monthly Archives: March 2013

Changing of the (Sartorial) Guard

Every March, we get a few spring-like days that get me motivated to rotate my closet. I usually do this four times per year, as Colorado’s transitional seasons can mean summer dresses one day and snow boots the next.

Since I’m feeling a little under the weather this weekend and can’t get out to enjoy the sunshine, I used this spring-like day to store clothes that have too much of a fall/winter feel to them. I kept cold-weather clothes in lighter colors that I’ll still need for the next few months.

Good-bye to pumpkin, burgundy, grey, & black. Good-bye to suede, tweed, & turtlenecks…


Hello brights & pastels!


Good-bye brown fall boots…


…hello sun hats and nautical belts!


Can’t wait for spring. I say this as the current temperature is 60 degrees and snow is being forecasted for tonight. Gotta love Colorado.


My first frittata


My first frittata: fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, & basil. It wasn’t bad, but seemed very heavy. I think I prefer a tiny slice of quiche over this.