Lowcountry Paella

Growing up in coastal Georgia, I’ve had my fair share of Lowcountry Boil – some better than others. At its best, the dish is a spicy concoction of fresh seafood, sausage, corn, & potatoes. At its worst, it is a big pot of overcooked, fishy-smelling mush. Ew.

As my culinary tastes have expanded over the years, I have come to realize how much I love Spanish cuisine. I decided to combine the best of these two cuisines to make a “lowcountry paella.”

paella ingredients

I started with all-natural smoked chorizo and fresh shrimp from Whole Foods, poaching them together in a light beer. Meanwhile, I sautéed a diced onion and green bell pepper in canola oil and started the saffron rice. I couldn’t decide between traditional Old Bay seasoning or the more flavorful Chef Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic, so I used a little of both.

Once the rice was ready, I added all ingredients, including most of the beer from the chorizo/shrimp mixture (undercooking the rice a little so it can absorb the extra liquid) and added a few stewed, peeled Roma tomatoes.


This dish goes nicely with a light lager or a soft Spanish red wine with a hint of spice such as a Rioja. Just make sure to serve the wine at actual “cellar” temperature of ~60 degrees or the heat may be a little much.



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