Linen in Winter

If there were such as thing as fashion confession, I’d be due a visit. I’ve known since I was a child that proper ladies didn’t wear linen after Labor Day (or possibly after the first day of fall in very warm climates), but that was before I fell in love with this fabric.

It started with my husband’s Irish linen shirts from Brooks Brothers that I got him last year for his birthday. They looked so cool and crisp when he wore them. Feeling envious, I bought one for myself from the clearance rack in September. It has grown softer with every washing and actually keeps me warm in chilly weather without the heaviness of a sweater.



Then, during our move, we splurged on Restoration Hardware’s stonewashed Belgian linen sheets, duvet cover, and shams – our first such purchase since our wedding ten years ago. I had all intentions of changing them out once the weather got cooler, but again…with every washing they get softer and feel even better on chilly nights. Plus I love their relaxed, cozy look.



So…perhaps I’ll just have to live with my faux pas with the small reassurance that, once you know the rules, you can break a few 😉


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