Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gravy Boats

I spent a rocking Saturday evening researching gravy boats this weekend. (Do I know how to live it up or what?) I already had this silver plate boat from Mama Chris, but the plate was starting to wear and I worried that the exposed copper would be unhealthy.


I have this tiny sterling one, but it gets emptied very quickly at the table.


I also have this teapot from Mama Chris in Hall’s Autumn Leaf pattern that could be used as a gravy boat, but it still strikes me as very 1960s. Maybe I’ll grow into it.


So last night, I narrowed my choices down to Haviland’s Blue Garland (which matches one of my china sets)…


…this vintage pewter boat from Etsy…


…this silver-plated boat in Georgian from Reed & Barton…


…this lovely boat in Noritake’s Allure pattern (Etsy)…


…and this white gravy boat with teal flowers from Johnson Bros. (Etsy).


The one I really wanted was Spode’s Woodland gravy boat with the turkey, but at $113, it was far more than I really wanted to spend.


I loved the brown transferware, however, and thought about how nice it would look on a Thanksgiving table. Which got me to thinking…didn’t I already have a small brown transferware soup tureen than could stand in as a gravy boat?


Voila! No shopping necessary 🙂


Espresso black bean chili over cheese grits

Espresso black bean chili is one of my favorite cold-weather stews, especially when served over cheese grits. I modified the recipe a bit to include pinto and kidney beans.


I’m making a batch right now and planning on having left-overs for tomorrow’s Georgia vs. Florida game.