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A Day in Pompeii at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

If you live in the Denver area or plan to visit, definitely consider putting this exhibit on your list.


DMNS does a lovely job of showing what life was like in Pompeii prior to Vesuvius’ infamous eruption. Dining al fresco, indoor plumbing, snacking on local and exotic fruits…I was reminded of what an advanced culture the Roman Empire was. It found it difficult to fathom that this culture preceded the Middle Ages.

Towards the end of the exhibit, you are stunned by the utter demolition of a beautiful city in just over 24 hours. The plaster casts of humans and animals are humbling yet a sight to behold.

After seeing this exhibit, I put Italy back on “the list” of places to go. Right now, it looks like:

  • Paris & Versailles in 2012
  • Tokyo in 2013
  • Scotland in 2014
  • Italy – especially Rome, Naples, & Pompeii – in 2015

Things I’m Loving this Week

Just a random post of things I have enjoyed this week…

This picture of Marty. Her eyes remind me of the cat in Shrek.


Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday in Denver’s Cherry Creek North.


Talbots’ clearance rack where I scored this great little suit for $60!


And finally, frying some green tomatoes to snack on during Georgia vs. Mizzou. Go Dawgs!!!

fried green tomatoes

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Modern Scottish Fashion

Being a frequent United traveler, I look forward to reading each issue of Hemispheres, the inflight travel magazine. It has decent articles on food, wine, and travel news, while the legendary Three Perfect Days series has influenced many a vacation for me & my husband.

I don’t usually think of Hemispheres, however, as a fashion magazine. This month the editors pleasantly surprised me by publishing a full article on modern Scottish fashion. (“Aye!” the Ross in me cheers.)


Beautiful combinations of tweeds, stunning leather boots, smart caps…it was so good that I brought home a copy for inspiration. If Denver would just get out of this blasted heat wave, I would don me tartan!


A Lesson in Curtains

I am one of the first to confess the many decorating sins I have committed, but perhaps none were worse than my early attempts at hanging curtains. Not knowing anything about lengths, widths, or options for hanging, I purchased cheap curtains barely wide enough to stretch meagerly across the width of the window. I hung my curtain rod JUST above the window frame, making the windows and ceilings appear to be lower than they were. Perhaps worst of all, I purchased standard curtain lengths (84 inches) without paying any attention whatsoever to the height of my ceiling, resulting in horrific “high-waters.” Being somewhat of a spend-thrift, however, I learned to live with my mistakes until we moved in July. THIS time, I vowed, I would get it right.

For the windows in the bedroom and living room, I still purchased the curtains from a housewares mega-store, but I was careful to get the nicest I could afford in luxurious fabrics. I paid close attention to the lengths, this time buying 102 inch curtains for our 10-foot high ceilings and we (meaning my husband) hung the rods just an inch shy of the ceiling. While the widths weren’t quite what I wanted, buying four panels instead of two gave me the ample “draping” effect I wanted. Also having four panels allows me to open the curtains as either two on each side…

two panels

…or as three sections with two panels in the middle.

three panels

Some blogs and books I read recommend sewing or pinning the panels together, but I rather like the variety this gives me.

For the curtains in the living room, having sheers plus opaque panels allows me to bunch the sheers together so that it appears there is more material.

living room

(For an excellent tutorial in curtains, visit Fred Gonsowski Garden Home blog and his post The Right Way to Hang Curtains and Drapes.)

Oddly the one room where we splurged on curtains was in the office – the most industrial of our rooms. I loved how Restoration Hardware’s open weave linen (in “Fog”) has a relaxed, refined look. For a little extra decadence, I decided to buy these in 120-inch lengths to allow for “puddling” on the floor. I love the result!


Be forewarned, however. Your furry friends may find these extra inches of material irresistible, whether using them as a dramatic backdrop while lounging…


…or as camo netting while awaiting the perfect opportunity to ambush a passing ankle.