Changes are afoot at the Bull & Bush

I’ve lived within walking distance of the Bull & Bush for years, but I find myself going there more and more often these days. The staff is happier and more friendly, there are great new beers to try every week, and they seem to be entering a new phase in their 41 year history.

wholeHopOne innovative new way to experience beer is with their whole hop infusion (like a French press with a variety of hops from which to choose). 5280 recently featured Table 6 with the dry-hopping idea. My understanding, however, is that B&B was the first.

Currently the kitchen is closed for renovation. Most restaurants would simply close down or offer lame pub snacks. B&B has once again showed creativity by hiring food trucks to park in the lot. For now, you can bring your own food into the restaurant, which means that I can walk down to Sam Taylor’s for BBQ to go, then  enjoy it at the B&B with an excellent pint…heaven!

B&B is celebrating its 41st birthday this weekend with the Samples playing tonight at 9 pm. As of this post, tickets are still available.



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