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Dealing with Quirky Spaces

One of the rooms that required a little more creativity in our new place was the bath adjacent to our bedroom. This bath, unlike the one on the other end of the apartment, included a 2nd door that opened to the common living areas. Not wanting to use this door, we had to get creative about how to block it. We also had to find solutions to having MUCH less storage than in our previous place.

On the common area side, we put a bookcase.


On the other side, I stacked wine crates that I stained and varnished years ago. These now serve as a place for extra linens, my pashminas, jewelry, perfume, and extra vases.



I also used an idea that I found on Martha Stewart, storing my pearls and earrings in small china dishes that I already had.


It’s not perfect, but I definitely prefer it to having two doors. I’m pretty happy with the rest of the room, as it has lots of French and seashell decor.



Our new apartment

The new place is finally coming together! There are still some blank walls and floors that need work, but it at last looks like home. I love the hardwood floors, granite countertops, and the incredible views from our balcony.

My Victorian mirror and ceramic garden stool stand just past the foyer. I read somewhere that a mirror should be accessible near the entrance of your home (for a quick check as you leave and for guests as they enter). This wall will likely be painted in the near future.


The foyer leads to the living room and my blue fainting couch…one of my favorite spots to curl up with a book or magazine.

living room

Here’s a shot of the living room taken from the dining room. We still need another area rug. I plan to paint the left wall in a deep peacock color using Ralph Lauren’s faux leather technique, then hang lots of artwork on this wall in gallery style.


The kitchen is done in warm red, orange, & yellow colors…



…including this cute heirloom tomato poster I found.



More to come!

When you must…

…shop at Ikea (I prefer antiques and vintage, but sometimes a necessity is a necessity), I highly recommend downloading the SmartList IKEA app. I was able to window-shop online, then plug the product numbers onto the app, which located the aisle and bin number based on my closest store.

smartList app

Once we got to the store, we skipped the displays, going straight to the warehouse and were in & out within half an hour. So nice!

Pardon the interruption

Pardon the interruption as hubby and I move to new digs. I will get back to blogging ASAP!