Colorado’s Wine Country

I had already been itching to get to our Western Slope, Colorado’s fruit basket and home to our quickly growing wine industry. A quick check on Denver’s upcoming weekend forecast was all the arm-twisting that it took.

denverForecast palisadeForecast

The drive along I-70 is gorgeous. Some of my favorite sections are when you see the first 14-ers in Evergreen, going through Vail,


and (of course!) Glenwood Canyon. We chose to stay at the Wine Country Inn in Palisade as opposed to our usual Grand Junction. As per our reservation package, they had a lovely snack and a bottle of wine waiting for us. The wine was made from grapes that had grown less than 100 yards from our window.


Saturday morning, we woke to a breath-taking view over vineyards and mesas. While waiting for our Palisade Pedicab, we took a walk around the hotel and grounds.

porch wineCountryInn lobby babyGrapes strolling sam

The pedicab is a GREAT DEAL! For $135, Shawn will take you to various vineyards, lunch spots, and will point out local flora and historical interests. I was most impressed with the service that both Palisade Pedicab and the Wine Country Inn provided.


It was a lovely, relaxing weekend getaway…perfect for two city dwellers/workers desperately in need of some R&R!



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