Picnic Basket Make-over with Chalkboard Paint

I had long been on the hunt for a plain, 0ld-fashioned picnic basket. I didn’t want one with utensils and dinnerware included. Nor did I want one with straps and pockets on the inside.

My mother found exactly what I was looking for at the annual Peaches to the Beaches yard sale/flea market in Georgia. (Thank you, Mom!!)

picnic basket

While the bones of the basket were perfect, the lid was in dire need of some TLC and updating. I brainstormed for nearly a month on what to paint on the lid. Lattice work? A monogram? Seashells? So many choices!

This afternoon, inspiration struck and I decided to go with an option that would allow me to change the design depending on moods, seasons, or occasions. The first stop was Home Depot, where I spent under $20 on brushes and quart of chalkboard paint tinted in “Latte.”

paint paint colors

The second stop was Target where I spent $5 on a set of 60 sidewalk chalks.


Add a couple of layers of paint…


…and now I have a cute picnic basket that I can customize on a whim! (Pardon the dark pictures; today was overcast.)

spring summer birthday


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