Fashion Gets a Health Make-over

I was thrilled this week when I read that all 19 international editions of Vogue will no longer hire under-16 or obviously unhealthy models. While I think there is still room for growth in this industry (no pun intended), it’s a nice start. Kudos to Vogue for paving the way!

I’d like to continue this trend by proposing a new name for the item I am most wanting for this fall’s fashion queue: Smoking Slippers. While the smoking slipper has a romantic, Old-World-glamour history, I think it’s time we renamed it to reflect modern habits and sensibilities. Much in the same vein, the Cigarette Pant has been renamed in recent years to skinnies, stove-pipes, and (my favorite) Golightly pants.

So…here are a few of my ideas, but I’d love to hear yours!


Old Name: Smoking slippers. 

New Names: Wine-Sipping slippers (emphasis on “sipping“), Dress slippers, Office slippers, Friday slippers.

Other ideas? Please comment below.

(Image from Lulu’s)


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