albumMemory #1: August 1988

During a pep rally in our gym, the cheerleaders perform an incredible dance with stunts to “Brass Monkey.” The whole gym is dancing.

Memory #2: Fall 1990

Now in college, I hear a somewhat familiar voice rapping during a party. I ask who it is. I’m stunned to find out that Beastie Boys released a second album the year before.

Memory #3: Winter 1994/Spring 1995

My last few months in college. While stressing over writing my first lesson plans, the Sabotage video on MTV keeps me laughing.

albumcoverMemory #4: Halloween 1999

My future sister-in-law throws a Halloween party and everyone’s dancing in the living room to “Unite.” I realize sometime that evening that I am head over heels in love with my new boyfriend. I marry him two and a half years later.

RIP, Adam. Thank you for providing the soundtrack to so many good memories.

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