Cornbread Madeleines

I just adored this picture of cornbread madeleines in the March 2012 issue of Southern Living.


Part of it, of course, was the beautiful packaging, but I also knew that this little treat would appeal to my husband’s love of cornbread while allowing me to serve something pretty & dainty.

So, on a whim today, we walked to our nearest Williams-Sonoma, purchased a non-stick madeleine pan (I’d prefer a regular old-fashioned one, but I wanted to cook these today), a few ingredients, and I made my first madeleines.

The blueberry ones tasted wonderful, but were an ugly sight to behold. The jalapeño cheddar variety was delicious!


madeleine tray

(Note the messy blueberry variety at the top of the picture. The jalapeño cheddar ones are towards the bottom.)

cornbread mix

Here’s the mix I used for the jalapeño cheddar madeleines. For both recipes, I used buttermilk instead of regular milk and omitted any oil.


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