Revisiting Santa Fe

Nearly ten years ago, my new husband and I honeymooned for a few nights in Santa Fe before braving the long, rugged trek to Chaco Canyon’s adobe ruins. We sadly took very few pictures during our trip, but I kept in my memory a beautifully tiled oasis of a restaurant with skylights that provided such a lovely respite from New Mexico’s searing July heat.

During a quick get-away to New Mexico this past weekend to tour Gruet winery, we decided to make the short 50-minute drive up to Santa Fe. We wandered for a while, trying to remember sites we had seen. Just as we were heading towards the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi (a gorgeous Southwestern structure), we passed a hotel sign that looked vaguely familiar – that of La Fonda on the Plaza. Ducking inside, we headed towards the center of a busy collection of shops and hotel lobby areas before standing right in front of the very restaurant for which we had been looking.


(Image from La Plazuela)

While La Plazuela has undergone substantial renovations in the past decade, the ambiance is still that of a startlingly quiet oasis away from the noise and bustle of Santa Fe’s tourist section. The wonderful hostess (whose name I wish I could remember) gave us detailed information about the modifications and even brought out pictures from before the renovation which assured us that this was indeed the same place.

The food and service was elegant and unhurried. (The tortilla soup perfectly light & spicy.) I would place La Plazuela top of the list for anyone visiting Santa Fe!


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