Where I Shopped Today

red caprisI had heard rumors, mostly from Monograms and Manicures and other bloggers, that JCPenney was undergoing a huge rebranding. I kept seeing the cutest clothes in magazines from their new stores, all at unbelievably low prices. I had to wrestle with the idea for a while, though. I suppose my recurring flashbacks of back-to-school shopping at JCPenney (as opposed to trendier Belk, where all the cool kids shopped) and the fourth-grade torment of having to wear Bug-Off jeans with embroidered designs on the back pocket made me wary of crossing their threshold.

And yet…

With summer temperatures just around the corner and a loooooong wishlist of cute warm-weather threads, I at last innocently asked my husband this morning if he would like to check out JCPenney. (Oh, to have a picture of the look he gave me.)

$200 later, hubby has five new dress shirts and I have 2 pairs of cropped skinny jeans, a summery white pencil skirt (lined, thank goodness), and the cutest stretch denim skirt with a tie belt.

skirtThough we live too far from the suburbs for regular trips, I can see us stocking up on basics when the seasons change.


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