That was the best valet I ever had…

This review of Cholon is from a year ago and my old blog, but still holds true. Do check out Cholon for Denver Restaurant Week if you haven’t yet. (And, for heaven’s sake, get the soup dumplings!)

No Rocky Mountain Oysters, Please

Knowing that dinner tonight was at an all-time favorite, Cholon, I had intended to write about a fantastic wine list, the soup dumplings that melt away every bit of remaining tension from the work week, the succulent curry mussels, the freshest of beet salads, and the always-flawless service.

Cory, however, stole my heart the second he opened my door. From his en pointe professionalism (including remembering my husband’s name when we exited the restaurant) to his assurance that pricey items in the car would be safe, he actually improved our dining experience before we even got in the door.

Hats off to Cholon…they have officially thought of everything.

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