Never again any Rocky Mountain Oysters

screenshotI am saying “good-bye” to a blog this evening. I started “No Rocky Mountain Oysters, Please” in 2008 with the intention of focusing on my own cooking adventures as well as great restaurants that I encountered in Denver and on my travels.

However, it has gotten to where I would much prefer to write on this blog about “lifestyle” topics (including food) while saving Future Schooling for education-related topics, thereby eliminating the need for a third blog. Prior to 2011, I never imagined myself wanting to write about decor, silver, table settings, etc. – hence my limited “foodie” blog. Now, my interests have widened, but NRMO has maintained its limited focus.

So – thank you, NRMO – for giving me my first training wheels in blogging about something that interests me outside of my chosen profession. I learned so much about writing in general that I plan to apply to Mountains & Magnolias.



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