The Salon is coming together

One big impact that Paris has had is our slow transformation of the living room to a “salon,” with lots of inspirations from our tours of museums and mansions.

We had dinner one evening at Willi’s Wine Bar, a great little haunt that I discovered when I was in Paris in 1997. Every year, they put out a new poster of wine bottle art. Previously, I had created a collage of postcards of various posters. This time, however, we bought the 2001 poster and are in the process of having it framed in a heavy, Baroque-inspired frame. We are also having a map of Paris framed to go over the fireplace.

After searching for months, I also decided on a fainting couch. It is relatively inexpensive (especially considering that some were over $1000!), but I’m just hoping the quality holds. It comes in a variety of colors and is available from Urban Outfitters.


A final touch will be adding this cute padded bench from Ballard Designs as a coffee table (with a tray on top) or to serve as extra seating when needed.


I can’t wait to see the final results!


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