Great resources…

I came across Silver Magpie’s blog not too long ago and now enthusiastically participate in the monogram challenge when I can. What I love most about her blog is her free ebook, Every Day Best, that encourages you to use those nice silver pieces that we so often tend to tuck away for “special” occasions. I decided early on that my silver would be our “regular” flatware. It makes every meal, even good ol’ Mac & Cheese, seem like a treat.

I also happened to paste the URL of this blog into Wordle to see what words I use (or over-use). I don’t mind that “silver,” “summer,” or “time” are oft-repeated, but I vow to find more interesting adjectives to use than “pretty.” (Though I do love that word…)

If you happen to read this post and run your blog URL through Wordle, I’d love to hear which are your most commonly used words.

Wordle cloud


2 responses to “Great resources…

  1. I love that you’re using your fancy silver for everyday!

    I ran my blog through Wordle, and I use the words “new,” “jewelry,” and “creative,” the most. The adjective I use too often is “wonderful.”

  2. I love “wonderful.” Maybe I will try to use “delightful” or “intriguing” a little more.

    I think it’s so fitting that “creative” is one of your words. You do great work!

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