Decadent Summer Picnics

One of my favorite summer past times is picnic-ing. I abhor paper plates and napkins, opting instead for pretty melamine plates, linen napkins, my grandmother’s inlaid silverware, silver trays, and pretty blankets and pillows. No matter how simple the fare, having nice picnic ware makes it seem so much nicer. (Case in point…the picnic meal pictured below included olives, marcona almonds, a summery white wine, and oh-so-fancy KFC.)



4 responses to “Decadent Summer Picnics

  1. Were you wearing your pearls and gloves? Looks delicious and very refined.

  2. Funny! No, but I did have on a sundress and a HUGE hat.

  3. Hi Elizabeth

    I think your idea of picnic essentials is perfect! We are kindred spirits.

  4. Silver Magpies, thank you! I love your blog and book…a fairly new find for me and already a treasure.

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