Southern trees

I’ve had the pleasure of working in Houston, TX and Nashville, TN this month, giving me a chance to revisit the gorgeous flowering Southern trees that I remember from my childhood.

Right now, I’m only an hour away from Kenton, TN, where my grandparents had a house built in the early ’70s. I wish I had time to find that house while I’m here. The main things I remember were a sunken living room with shag carpet, wallpaper with velour flowers, and a sunburst clock over the fireplace….I had no appreciation at the time that my grandparents were so hip!

Anyway, in addition to magnolias and beautiful mimosas, I also saw pretty white, pink, and fuchsia crepe myrtles everywhere…


…and the loveliest Japanese maples…



…and while my skin is enjoying the 95% humidity, I do look forward to getting back to Colorado’s crisp, clean, bugfree summer evenings. (And manageable hair!)



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