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Great resources…

I came across Silver Magpie’s blog not too long ago and now enthusiastically participate in the monogram challenge when I can. What I love most about her blog is her free ebook, Every Day Best, that encourages you to use those nice silver pieces that we so often tend to tuck away for “special” occasions. I decided early on that my silver would be our “regular” flatware. It makes every meal, even good ol’ Mac & Cheese, seem like a treat.

I also happened to paste the URL of this blog into Wordle to see what words I use (or over-use). I don’t mind that “silver,” “summer,” or “time” are oft-repeated, but I vow to find more interesting adjectives to use than “pretty.” (Though I do love that word…)

If you happen to read this post and run your blog URL through Wordle, I’d love to hear which are your most commonly used words.

Wordle cloud


Decadent Summer Picnics

One of my favorite summer past times is picnic-ing. I abhor paper plates and napkins, opting instead for pretty melamine plates, linen napkins, my grandmother’s inlaid silverware, silver trays, and pretty blankets and pillows. No matter how simple the fare, having nice picnic ware makes it seem so much nicer. (Case in point…the picnic meal pictured below included olives, marcona almonds, a summery white wine, and oh-so-fancy KFC.)


A few more Southern trees…

Here are a couple more shots from my trip to Tennessee this week, both of them taken on Vanderbilt University’s campus.

A pretty magnolia…(I’d forgotten how wonderful they smell!)…


…and fresh hydrangeas in the morning…


These pictures help make up for the fact that, due to United’s computer outage, I didn’t get home until 3 am! Oh well…at least I actually made it home. It sounds as though many were stranded. Oh, the joys of travel…


Southern trees

I’ve had the pleasure of working in Houston, TX and Nashville, TN this month, giving me a chance to revisit the gorgeous flowering Southern trees that I remember from my childhood.

Right now, I’m only an hour away from Kenton, TN, where my grandparents had a house built in the early ’70s. I wish I had time to find that house while I’m here. The main things I remember were a sunken living room with shag carpet, wallpaper with velour flowers, and a sunburst clock over the fireplace….I had no appreciation at the time that my grandparents were so hip!

Anyway, in addition to magnolias and beautiful mimosas, I also saw pretty white, pink, and fuchsia crepe myrtles everywhere…


…and the loveliest Japanese maples…



…and while my skin is enjoying the 95% humidity, I do look forward to getting back to Colorado’s crisp, clean, bugfree summer evenings. (And manageable hair!)