This week’s finds

This has been a great week for finding treasures online and in stores. Here are a few:

Cheap and chic – this pretty lampshade from Target was under $15.


I found these little silver plate coasters on eBay for $2.50 each. I have them scattered around the apartment and at work. I love the elegance of silver & silver plate. I’ve had the little box since I was a girl. It once held my Flintstone vitamins…now holds allergy meds.


Marty thinks these pretty pink carnations would be lovely to nibble on…


And these roses are the most stunning melon color…


Spring time weather in Colorado can vary, but we have had some lovely summer-like days…

Cherry Creek

…which put me in the mood for a great new red lipstick and gavroche…


…and even better – with the lipstick and mascara, I was able to get this cute bag with goodies from Lancome’s promo. Every time I use this, I’ll think of the French Riviera, where we plan to spend our tenth wedding anniversary next summer.


Sooo looking forward to summer getting into full swing! Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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