Omnia Lingua Latina Incipiunt

(All begins with the Latin language.) – Not quite true, but it was engraved on a pen my Latin teacher gave me that I still have and cherish.

I never realized, until just a few years ago, how much I like incorporating Greek and Roman columns into my decor. As tomorrow is the Ides of March, it seemed an appropriate day for this post.

Growing up in the Deep South, we were surrounded by Greek Revival architecture with its beautiful columns, narrow windows, and entry porches. One of the earliest school projects that I remember was creating a photo album of Greek and Roman architecture found in our little town in Georgia. My mother patiently drove me around as I snapped shots (using my purple Le Clic camera, of course!) of the county courthouse, our oldest school building, etc. Later in high school, my three years of Latin included some architecture where we learned to identify Doric, Corinthian, and Ionic columns.

UGA’s campus, my alma mater, is filled with columns, especially along Milledge Avenue and North Campus.


The Arches at UGA


Former Fine Arts Building - UGA

And it’s no coincidence that my 2nd favorite silver pattern is Georgian by Towle. This poor little spoon found its way into our garbage disposal recently and is in need of some repair.


Georgian spoon by Towle

Do you find common decorating themes that have woven their way through your life?


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