My thoughts have been with my friends in Tokyo, Saipan, and Guam today after learning of the earthquake and tsunami that affected those areas. I had intended to write the following post at a later time, but today seemed appropriate.


I had the fascinating experience last year of working with several schools on the island of Saipan. While I knew the island had significance in our battle with the Japanese in World War II, I so much wish I had known more when I visited.


Image courtesy Wikipedia

When I got back to the States, my husband and I rented Wind Talkers, which tells the amazing story of the Battle of Saipan. (And has Christian Slater to boot!) I so much wish I had seen this movie before I went.


Me at Kagman High

My trip also had a personal connection for me as one of my grandfathers was stationed in the Pacific during WWII. He sent dozens of tiny tea cups to my grandmother (his then girlfriend) while he was out there, many of which I now have. My favorite is the “dragon tea cup” which has a beautiful Japanese lady’s face etched into the bottom.

tea cup

tea cup


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