A sad sign of the times

Three Christmases ago, when we were hosting my in-laws for the holidays, I went shopping on our Antique Row on Broadway to buy a few small silver demitasse spoons. I didn’t care if they matched or not and was able to buy several lovely little spoons and butter knives for about $10 each.

Here’s my find…pardon the water spots.


Silver finds on Antique Row

This Christmas, I thought I’d add a few spoons to the collection and maybe a serving fork. As I started going into each store and inquiring, however, every clerk reacted the same…a look of concern and a slow shake of the head. One finally said, “You’re the first person in years to come in here looking for sterling silver to actually use.” When I asked him to clarify, he explained: once the recession hit, people started buying scrap sterling silver pieces to melt. Really?! It’s worth destroying years of history & art for a few quick dollars?! I am still mortified.

One silver lining I guess (ok…pun intended) is that those spoons for which I paid $10 are now worth a good deal more. The Gorham Louis XIV (spoon #3 in the picture) is selling for $60 on eBay…not that I’d sell it.

(Silver patterns – in case you’re interested – from left to right):

Knives: Granado by Lunt; Spoon #1: Carrollton by Watson; Spoon #2: Louix XV by Whiting; Spoon #3 Louix XIV by Gorham; Spoon #4: Unidentified pattern by Gorham


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