Decorating advice needed

I’m touching up our bedroom just a bit to brighten it up for spring. I bought a damask print duvet cover from Brocade Home and found some lovely gauzy white curtains last night at Cost Plus World Market with similar white-on-white designs.

The white curtains alone left the bedroom looking bare, but I’m not sure about the current combination of heavy winter curtains framing the gauzy ones. Do I need gauzy brown curtains? Does the gold part of the curtains throw everything off? What’s wrong with this picture?



And the look I’m going for? Hmmm…

In alternative history, Marie Antoinette leaves the danger and oppression of court life before the Revolution with her two children and finds a little spot for the three of them in the Hamptons. There, she meets a neighbor named Frank L. Wright who helps her decorate. Let’s suspend the time discrepancy for now.

I look forward to reading your suggestions!

(Update: based on Nicole’s suggestion – see comments below – here’s the new & improved bedroom with solid brown linen curtains.)



2 responses to “Decorating advice needed

  1. I think you nailed it when you wondered about the gold part of the curtains throwing everything off. There’s so much beautiful visual interest with the damask bedspread that I think my eye sort of battles on finding one focal point- the light color on the top of the curtains, or the duvet cover?

    With a little Photoshop magic, here’s a picture of what the room would look like with solid brown curtains- I think solid brown looks great!

  2. I love the Photoshopped pic! You’re right, the solid brown ties everything together.

    Nicole, that was so sweet of you! Thanks! (Now to convince the hubby why we need to go shopping for just one more set of curtains this weekend…)

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