Mama Chris

Mama Chris

Mama Chris

I can’t let February slip by without paying special tribute to my grandmother, known to us as “Mama Chris,” who would have been ninety-one on February 3rd. A beautiful, intelligent, and charming deb from Tennessee, she taught me much about forsaking quantity for quality.

One of my favorite stories about her involves a Movado watch of hers that I wear every day. While working as a bank runner in Memphis during World War II, she saved up for a watch well beyond her means, helped a little by her Aunt Maude. A few years later, pregnant with my father, she fainted on an elevator and cracked part of the crystal. It was never repaired.

Thank you, Mama Chris, for teaching me to have style and to appreciate the good things, even if it means having less. (I’m toasting her with a glass of pink bubbly in an old chipped crystal flute. It just seems right.)


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