Favorite Tea Cup


Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur

I’m enjoying my Lady Grey tea this morning out of my Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur china set that an aunt passed down to me many years ago. It’s great “everyday” china that always looks nice, but isn’t so nice that you have a heart attack if it chips.

My favorite teacup, however, was one of my grandmother’s. She had an entire collection of various teacups, many of them with purple flowers to celebrate her February birthday (as is mine). One of them in particular has enchanted me ever since I can remember . It had leaves in that perfect lavender color that almost every little girl loves at some point in her life and a spraying of blue, yellow, & pink flowers. If I was very careful, I was allowed to hold it for a few seconds.

When my grandmother passed away, many of those teacups came to me. I spent hours on the Internet identifying their patterns and finally learned that the little purple teacup was Colclough’s CLC 58. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to find three more sets. They now sit on my own china shelf in the living room and on occasion, if I’m very careful, I allow myself an indulgent cup of tea or coffee out of one of them.


Colclough CLC58


2 responses to “Favorite Tea Cup

  1. I have been searching all morning to identify the pattern on a tea cup and saucer that was my grandmother’s. It is this one! How pretty.

  2. Renee, forgive me for not seeing your reply. The notification didn’t come through and I just saw it today.

    I agree, this is one of those perfectly girly, delicate designs. I was able to find several more on Replacements and eBay.

    Enjoy your treasure!

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